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Sheet Pressing Machine

Sheet Pressing Corrugation Machinery as a major aspect of our item run. This machine is used for uniformly setting of the creased sheets handled on the sticking machine. The wet stuck sheets are heaped over the lower plate. An ideal weight is connected by bringing down the upper moving plate when exchanged on. Subsequent to keeping the heap squeezed for once in a while between the lower and the upper plates the sheets are set straight. Along these lines guaranteeing evacuation of air bubbles and delivering an even board without harming the flutes. At that point the upper plate is climbed by turning around the switch, and the heap is evacuated. Along these lines the sheets are set straight and even. The machine is made strong in tough development. The pressure everywhere throughout the surface is uniform. A reversible switch is fitted for moving the upper plate topsy turvy.


Machine Size  Motor (H.P)  Floor Space  Machine Height  Gross Weight(Approx.) 
55″ x 65″ 1.5 60″ x 80″ 140″ 700 – 800 Kg
65″ x 75″ 2 30″ x 105″ 140″ 900 – 1000 Kg.

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Brand/Make Classic
Paper Feeding Size

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