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Plain Lamination Machine

Plain Flim Lamination Machine


  • I have enclosed a full quotation for ’’Plain Film Paper and Board Lamination Machine”.
  • The machine is complete with D.C motor with variable speed with dimmer and motor is 2.0 hp.
  • The all electronic parts are siemens brand.
  • The roller width is 24’’ with 3 1/2’’and 4” platen size is 24’’ with 14MM thickness. It is used for laminating the paper like duplex sheet, books cover sheets ,ETC.
  • The free rollers are( aluminum) metal used in this machine.
  • This is heavy duty machine with heavy clutch.
  • The rubber rollers are from German quality and all iron parts are seasoned by which it would not twist.
  • Provide you all shafts and stand with all accessories.

Technical Parameters

Size “24” “32”
Speed 1800ft 1800ft
Power 2HP 2HP


Warranty 12 Months
Brand G2P 


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