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Chain Feed Two color Flexo Printer & Slotter Machine


  • Printer slotter phase :electric number digital adjust.
  • Auto ink circulation system.
  • Combined slotting creasing slitting knives which is easy to change order.
  • The gear of the machine: Auto lubrication with oil .
  • Machine body thickness:50mm.
  • Automatic seperated, pneumatic lock up.


  • Gear enclosed spray lubrication system, keyless drive design, so that accurate long-term chromatic unchanged. High-speed Ink Printing Slotting Machine Manufacture
  • Frequency control system to control becomes easy and flexible. Each group of printing unit is equipped with jogging button for easy control and loaded rubber plate.
  • Each printing unit can be electrical separation. Printing Slotting Machine
  • High-precision anilox roller, diameter 195mm. The textured density of anilox roller is 180-300 lines / inch, to ensure the printing effect is clear and beautiful.
  • Ink supply system is pneumatic diaphragm pumps, high efficiency, Flexo Printing Slotting Machine saving ink. Automatic cycle supply. Cleaning with clean water can be.
  • Automatic uniform system to keep the anilox roller quit. When the machine stop,the anilox roller and rubber roller could running independently for transmission ink and prevent the ink dry out.
  • The rubber roller is use high quality hard wearing rubber,and with the middle of a relatively high high-precision grinding. Semi Automatic Carton Flexo Printing Slotting Machine
  • Phase institutions is 360-degree Electric adjustment, ergonomic design.


  • Rubber roller mechanical spiral commutation 40mm move about horizontal structure.
  • Die-cutter phase, computer and electric digital control.
  • Horizontal phase, computer and electric digital control, range ±5mm.
  • Rubber roller and die roller gap use computer and electric digital control.
  • Adjust the transfer roller use computer and electric digital control.
  • The rubber roller compensated by motor-driven,control the speed of thr rubber roller, range ±3mm.
  • Combined slotter blades on die cutter unit.

Technical Parameters

Wall board thickness 50mm
Max Machine Speed (pcs/min) 60
Economic Working Speed (pcs/min) 50
Max. Feeding Size (mm) 1400×2400
Min. Feeding Size (mm) 450×660
Standard Plate Thickness (mm) 3.9
Print precision (mm) ±0.3
Die cut precision (mm) ±1.0
Suitable Cardboard Thickness (mm) 2 – 11


Warranty 12 Months
Brand G2P 


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