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Eccentric Slotter

Eccentric Slotter Corrugation Machinery, which is utilized to punch out spaces and sewing edge in the creased sheets. This machine is physically worked and equipped for opening various sheets at once. The separation between two spaces , opening profundity and the side gages and additionally the hole between bring down blades are adjustable.We have composed and designed propelled scope of flighty Slotter Machines In Box Making Unit that are utilized for opening and corner cutting of the creased loads up at the same time.


  • For Slotting Corner Corrugated Board. Power Operated
  • Hand fed machine with 3 slots 1 corner L. Cut All 3 Slotting
  • Dies are fitted with racks for easy Movement. Locking system
  • Provided for the slotting die set as to avoid any change of size
  • During Production. The Knife set is Of Hardened steel

Product Details

Minimum Order Quantity 1 Unit
eccentric slotter corrugated board and box making machine

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