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Double Head Semi Automatic Folder Gluer

Double Head Semi Automatic Folder Gluer machine


  • The semi-automatic press model folder & gluer special to meet middle and small orders, small CBM, easy operation, widely use range.
  • It is suit for normal box, special shape color box.
  • Add automatic gluing device also can produce hook bottom box and earth cover carton.
  • The machine is save glue, labor, maximum run speed 56m/min and the effective is 3-4 times.
  • The machine is gluing firmly, trimly and don’t over glue, with double head sander remove UV or film. Improve adhesive.

Technical Parameters

Machine Model 2000
Voltage 3-380VAC
H/Z 50/60
Power 3.2KW
Current 6.3A
Weight 1.0T
Overall Size 2000 x 1900 x 1300 mm
Max .Size Of Box 1500 x 1100mm
MIN SIZ OF BOX 200 x 260mm


Warranty 12 Months
Brand G2P 


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