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Automatic Folder Gluer Machine

Technological parameter:


Model 2400
Max. cardboard 1000*2300mm
Mini. cardboard 260*700mm
Diemensions 20000×3500×1600mm
Power required 15kw
Weight 9.5ton
Speed 100-180m/min
Voltage 220V/380V/415V


Major feature:

2400mm type automatic glue machine is consist of three parts ,which is paper feeding part, gluing and folding part and counting and stacking part. Automatic paper feeding ?automatic fold and glue?automatic counting and stacking output,The operation is simple and reliable. The speed can reach 100-180 pieces per minute. Advanced and reasonable structure design and manufacture, it demands for cultural level of operators is not high, and operators will be able to handle all operating procedures in one or two working days, and protect the safety of operating personnel.

Feeding unit:

  • The vacuum suction feeding system is good at adapting the curved paperboard.
  • Equipped with high quality electromagnetic clutch brake system, in order to control the feeding unit independently, which is good at reducing waste when changing order and improving the output precision.
  • The paperboard width adjustment unit is made of high quality steel, so as to adjusting the machine width conveniently in order to adapt to the different size of carton box.

Folding and gluing unit:

  • The glue quantity is controlled by imported high quality and stability motor, which is low noise.
  • The gluing roll is made of stainless steel, which is easy for cleaning, the gluing is even and saves its volume.
  • The transmission belt of folding unit is made of imported wear proof rubber belt, guarantee a long life time and makes the cardboard folding precisely.
  • The folding unit equipped with re-creasing and orthotic devices, the height of creasing wheel is adjustable in order to adapt different thickness of cardboard.
  • The re-creasing device is able to re-crease the cardboard to reach a good creasing if the first creasing is not good.

COUNTER AND Stacker unit:

  • Correct part of the native characteristic, has a unique device, the most advanced coaxial is not synchronized, from each according to his ability, good rectifying. With double speed correction device, make the carton eliminate scissors mouth, good shape, size control.
  • Adopt PLC programmable controller and touch screen, digital controls. Response rapid, accurate and reliable, easy to operate.
  • Count and launch adopts pneumatic method, reliable, accurate and fast.
  • Pressing output using suspension conveying device, can accommodate more than 200 carton, the carton can be under pressure for a long time. It not only ensure the cartons sticky mouth bonding strength, and effectively improve the compressive degree of the carton, the carton appearance more beautiful.


  • Smoothly receive former process cardboard conveying.
  • Two-stage touch type turning, turn cardboard 90°corner.
  • Can adjust according to different specifications carton size.
  • Four directions automatically pat in order and positioning, and then convey.
  • Pat can effectively remove the scissors.
  • Convey carton smoothly after tidying, improve work efficiency.
  • Pneumatic pressure to compact several cardboard.
  • PP tape automatic strapping, strap firm or elastic adjustable, paper edge damage is light.
  • Automatically adapt to the cardboard size.
  • Photoelectric detection strapping position.
  • Strapping 1 ~ 2 way, uses the knob switch.
  • Automatically convey after strapping.


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